Something that is tangible and within the grasp of the senses.


Objexs is a software engineering company specializing in geographic related information display, visualization, search and user interfaces.

Our technology allows the position of geographically located entities (or objects!) to be accurately and efficienly overlaid on-top of real time video.

Once objects in the vicinity are identified, relevant information and additional control interfaces are dropped within the viewed screen for an augmented reality user interface experience.

With a smarter human interface, playful graphics and more natural data interaction, we aim to dramatically improve the real world search and control experience to make it more fun, informative and interesting.

And also, as the need for downloading maps is alleviated, a speedier response is gained for free - particularly important when out and about if a mobile network connection is poor or non-existent.

Finally, as the data is displayed in a more digestible form than the alternative of existing 2D maps, it provides a far more natural way to pinpoint exatly what you are looking for especially in both crowded and featureless places.

Our first product is called Looksee - and it's starting to be made available on the iTunes store now. So please enjoy!



Available on the App Store

Edinburgh & The Lothians

Lake District & Cumbria

Scottish Borders

Scottish Highlands

Glasgow & the Clyde Valley


New York (inc Newark & Long Island)

San Francisco (inc wider Bay Area)

Los Angeles (inc Santa Barbara)

Yosemite National Park

Hawaiian Islands (inc Oahu and Maui)

Orlando and North Central Florida


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